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CD Review: Cross 4 Crowns (Turning Point)

Cross 4 Crowns Turning Point Label: Crossroads Records Producers: Arthur Rice Song List: “I Will Trade The Old Cross For A Crown,” “Things That I’m Seeing,” “Greater Miracle,” “I’m Going There,” “He’ll Never Forsake,” “I’ll See You Home,” “Tell Me Who,” “Whenever, Wherever, Whatever,” “Take A Little Look,” “Celebrating Resurrection Morning” and “Hallelujah For The …

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CD REVIEW: Primitive Quartet – 35th Anniversary

The Primitive Quartet 35th Anniversary The Primitive Quartet are a mainstay in SG/Bluegrass gospel culture.? Their latest project is a celebration of 35 years in gospel music.? The group has basically consisted of the same core quartet for over 30 years with brothers Reagan (Lead), Mike (Baritone)? & Larry Riddle (Bass) and Norman Wilson (Tenor).? …

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CD REVIEW: Allison Lynn – Real Big Fan

ALLISON LYNN Real Big Fan Allison Lynn‘s debut project, Real Big Fan, is atypical for Southern Gospel.? This project has more of a New Orleans, dixieland jazz feel to it.? Because I played in a jazz band in high school, I wanted to listen to this project several times before posting my thoughts. I love …

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CD Review: Tara Jackson’s debut solo project

TARA JACKSON Self-Titled Debut Solo Project To be honest, I was a little reluctant to even pop this CD in my computer simply because of my affinity for the “male quartet” sound that I love about Southern Gospel music.? This blog? post? by Allison Lynn had already picked my interest in Tara Jackson, but my …

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CD REVIEW: Triumphant Quartet – Intermission

Triumphant Quartet Intermission To be honest, there’s no need to go into great detail on this CD.? This is the first 5 star CD of the year for me.? Every song is a winner and the Triumphant Quartet simply cranks out top-quality music and seems to get better with every project. Songs on Intermission are: …

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CD REVIEW: Mike Upright – Songs For The Common Man

MIKE UPRIGHT Songs For The Common Man This latest effort from Mike Upright is my favorite release so far? for 2008.? Mike has been singing for several years now as the former Lead singer for Common Ground &? Standing Tall, and most recently as a solo artist.? After going solo around 6 years ago, he …

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MEGA CD REVIEW: The Kingsmen “When God Ran”

CLICK HERE for the complete review The Kingsmen – When God Ran Contributers: Wes Burke – Burke’s Brainwork Daniel Mount – Southern Gospel Blog Adam Edwards – Southern Gospel Critique Brandon Coomer – Coomer Cove Aaron Swain – Swain’s Musings