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Quick Hits

Lots of great CDs have come across my “desk” lately, and I just don’t have the time to give each the full review they probably deserve.  But I want to get something out there, so today and tomorrow, I will give very brief reviews of these projects.  Enjoy! Family Ties (Wilburn & Wilburn) With the …

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Top 100: #47 Strong in the Strength (Legacy Five)

Release Year: 1999 Album Rank for Group: #1 of 2 Here’s a blurb: Legacy Five’s smash hit debut showed the southern gospel world that Scott Fowler and Roger Bennett weren’t just going to let the Cathedrals name carry them into the next decade.  Their quartet would wildly succeed on its own merits.  While L5 has …

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Top 100: #87 London (Legacy Five)

Release Year: 2003 Album Rank for Group: #2 of 2 Here’s a blurb: Legacy Five took a page out of the Cathedrals’ book, flying across the pond to record some exciting songs with soaring accompaniment by the London Session Orchestra.  The quartet reached the peak of their popularity with this recording, including their first #1 …

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