Oct 30

CD Review: Paid In Full “No Trace Of Rain”

Paid In Full
No Trace Of Rain

Label: Song Garden Music Group
Website: www.paidinfull.net

Paid In Full is known in Southern Gospel music for their tight harmonies since the early ’90s, when Jake Hess took the group under his wing, helping them get their start in the professional circuit.? This latest release is simply a continuation of top-tier gospel singing from the 2007 Singing News Horizon Group of the Year.

There is a little something for everyone on No Trace Of Rain.? From more progressive tunes like “If The Truth Be Told” and “It Takes Faith”, country-gospel tunes like “Lead On” and “Faith Moved A Mountain” & traditional quartet sounds like “My Soul Is Firmly Anchored”.? Bass singer extraordinaire, Gene McDonald, joins Paid In Full on “My Soul Is Firmly Anchored” and gives us a glimpse of what the group would sound like as a quartet.

Bradley Littlejohn (baritone), Lance Moore (lead) & Brock White (tenor) continue to prove that they were indeed worthy of the Horizon Group of the Year award and this new release is a continuation of their impressive talent.? With efforts like Paid In Full has displayed here, the group is showing high potential to be a mainstay in SG for years to come.

Complete Track List:

  1. If The Truth Be Told
  2. I Go To Jesus
  3. This Is The Day
  4. Praise Makes The Walls Come Down
  5. Lead On
  6. My Soul Is Firmly Anchored
  7. Waiting For The Morning
  8. Light Doesn’t Make A Sound
  9. It Takes Faith
  10. Faith Moved A Mountain
  11. The Other Side

My Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

**This project was given to the reviewer free of charge…this had no influence on the review**

Oct 26

Today’s Music Playlist :: 10/26/09

1. This Ole House by Carroll Roberson from Just For Him (1991)
Most SG fans are familiar with the Cathedrals version of the song, but Carroll Roberson cranks out a wonderful version that most have never heard.

2. I Stand Redeemed by Ernie Phillips from Jesus Gave Me A Song
Does Ernie still have it???? Listen to this L5 tune and see for yourself.

3. Working On A Building by Ronnie Booth from A Gospel Tribute To The King (2008)
Ronnie Booth is without a doubt one of the best singers in SG.? He doesn’t have to pay tribute to the king to prove that, but this entire project is terrific.

4. He Still Speaks by Ponder, Sykes & Wright from Ponder, Sykes, & Wright (1998)
Why did these guys stop recording together?? Hard to beat this trio’s harmony.

5. I Love To Call His Name by The Nelons from A Promised Reunion (1994)
The late Rex Nelon takes the lead on this classic tune from this rare project from The Nelons.

Oct 23

CD Review: HisSong “Journey Through The Sky”

Journey Through The Sky

Label: Vine Records
Website: www.hissongmusic.com

  1. Jesus Is The Best Thing (That Ever Happened To Me)
  2. Journey Through The Sky
  3. When We Talk To The Father
  4. Can You Burn
  5. What A Difference A Day Makes
  6. I Believe In Prayer
  7. When God Moves A Stone
  8. Bethlehem, Galilee, Gethsemane
  9. Just What I Needed
  10. They’re Getting Ready In Glory (To Crown The King)

HisSong keeps gaining ground in the Southern Gospel industry, as evidenced by having been invited to perform on the main stage at NQC for the first time this past September.? They have came into their own vocally with a sound that is highly distinguishable from other SG trios.? This latest effort from the group continues with a little more progressive styling than their previous projects, but honestly, the style fits the group.? While I’m not a big fan of progressive SG, I can’t help but enjoy listening to a group find the niche that they are good at.

Most songs on this project have a slow to mid-range tempo, which allows the guys to focus more on their vocals, which are outstanding.? However, the high number of these slow to mid-tracks makes the project seem to drag.? While I’m criticizing for a moment, let me mention that the group’s pronunciation of the word ‘thing’ on the opening track is way too over-the-top for me.? Hearing it pronounced Thaaaaannng over and over got quite annoying….in a hurry.

Don’t get the wrong impression from the criticism…this is a solid project.? The title track is outstanding!? Most lyrics are fresh and the singing is flat-out great.? It was nice to hear one of Ernie Haase’s old solo releases redone (What A Difference A Day Makes).? Although this is a cover version of the song, the harmonies from the guys give it a fresh sound.? “Can You Burn” poses a great question to the believer and has a catchy tune.? “They’re Getting Ready In Glory (To Crown The King)” is another standout song and a great way to close out the project.

Dennis Humphries (Lead), Adam Elrod (Tenor) & Adam Cannon (Baritone) have really meshed as vocalists and the group seems to be headed for great success in Southern Gospel.? This new release is evidence of their ‘journey’.

This project is currently available for pre-order on hard copy from www.hissongmusic.com, but is currently available for immediate download from www.crossroadsmusic.com.

My Rating: 4 stars out of 5

**This project was given to the reviewer free of charge.
This had no influence on the review**

Oct 15

Homecoming Classic “The Oldest Quartet”

Tenor: Robert S. Arnold
Lead: Jake Hess
Baritone: Ben Speer
Bass: Rex Nelon
Piano: Stan Whitmire

Oct 14

Urgent prayer requested from Paul Jackson of The Prophets Quartet

Received this in a note from Bro. Paul:

We need all of our friends and God’s prayer warriors to pray NOW
for our son Matthew…wife Shannon…and his baby girl, GABRIELLA
right now!

GABBI had an event late last nite…had to be put back
on the breathing tube. She vomited and nurses fear she might have
aspirated some into her lungs. Matt & shannon were rousted from their
sleep and asked if they wanted everything possible done to save Gabbi.
Of course they did! Some of the Dr’s there are seeming to advise them
to “give up” on Gabbi!

Our son is under great pressure as he deals with conflicted Dr’s, a
discouraged post-surgery wife/Mom and a little girl who is still fighting
for her 20 day old life! Please pray for everyone trying to help Gabriella
at this critical moment. Thank You for helping us now.

Pastor Paul & Kathy Jackson / The Prophets

Please remember the Jackson family in your prayers.? Bro. Paul has his own blog at Paul Jackson Group’s site and is also the lead singer of The Prophets Quartet.

Oct 12

The Cathedrals “Death Has Died

Sep 25

ebay gem .::. 9/25/09

Please excuse my lack of recent posts.? My entire family has had the H1N1 virus and it’s really knocked us out.? I was online for a bit today and found this, so I thought I’d pass it on:

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