Mar 15

Inspirations “God Is Still On His Throne”

I’ve always loved this song.

Mar 10

Aaron Swain interviews Michael English of the GVB

Aaron Swain of Swain’s Musings just posted an extensive interview with Michael English, lead singer of the Gaither Vocal Band.? It is a fairly long interview (~26 minutes), so don’t start it thinking this will be a quick one-on-one.? It was great to hear the interview, but I was most taken aback with the last few minutes where Michael was talking about things he read online that were said on blogs & forums that were very hurtful and discouraging.

Michael English Interview from Aaron Swain on Vimeo.

If you don’t have much time for the interview in it’s entirety, listen closely to the last few minutes and consider your comments and opinions that you might have posted or vented about while online.? Not just about Michael, but in general.? There’s not one thing wrong with offering constructive criticism, but to just blurt out comments off the cuff without thinking of who you might be hurting is just plain wrong and sinful.

We will all certainly be held accountable for ALL actions in this life, and that includes everything we spout off about on the ‘net.? Just because our comments don’t usually have a face to them to the general online public, you can be sure that there is a record of everything we put on the web, both positive and negative.

I can’t imagine being the one that posted something to discourage someone along the way and make them want to or actually give up and quit.? Can you?

Mar 08

Wendy Bagwell & The Sunliters “Child Of The King”

From the classic corner….

Feb 24

Dailey & Vincent “Don’t You Want To Go To Heaven When You Die”

Feb 24

ebay gem .::. 2/24/10

Great opportunity to pick up some classic Kingdom Heirs material…

Feb 22

Mark Trammell Quartet “How Big Is God”

Great look at Pat Barker as the Trammell Trio reconfigures into a quartet.? Thanks to Diana at for great videos, as always!!!

Feb 22

New Music Playlist (finally!)

I just finished uploading new music to our player at the bottom of the site.? Hope you enjoy it!

Song List:

  1. Hallelujah Side (Crossway)
  2. I Want My Stage To Be An Altar (The Akins)
  3. It’s Hard To Stumble On Your Knees (Primitive Quartet)
  4. Treasures Unseen Medley (Message Trio)
  5. What’s Waiting On The Other Side (Cumberland Quartet)

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