Jan 05

Still time to enter for EHSS’s trip giveaway

Click here for a direct link to the entry form.? Trip information is on the page.

Jan 04

’bout time!!!

NEWS FLASH: Mark Trammell is adding a bass singer to his trio

…..now if only Greater Vision would follow suit :-)

Jan 04

The Fletcher Family from Mountain City, TN

This past New Year’s Eve, my family had the honor to be in service with my dear friends, The Fletcher Family, from Mountain City, TN.? Bro. Leonard Fletcher, Pastor of Dyson’s Grove Baptist Church & songwriter extraordinaire, his wife, Linda Fletcher, and daughter Brittany Fletcher.? My home church, Bethel Missionary Baptist, is still talking about what a blessing and treat it was to have Bro. Leonard and his family at our New Year’s Eve service.? Below are some videos of them from our service.

All but one of the songs was written by Bro. Leonard and if you are interested in learning more about his songs, let me know.

The Old-Fashioned Way

God’s Word Will Stand

Somewhere The Birds Are Singing

I’m Not Ashamed

Better Farther On

This is a clip of a brand new song from The Fletcher Family that will be on their upcoming new project.? Bro. Leonard really outdid himself on this one!!!

No More Night

Dec 24

Merry Christmas from www.SouthernGospelCritique.com

Please remember to give honor and praise to whom it belongs this Christmas holiday.

Jesus Christ is the only reason for our season and we should all take a few moments to honor Him on this celebration of His birth.

God bless you all and Merry Christmas!!!

Dec 15

Free Christmas album download from iTunes

EDIT: Well, it’s a great album, but no longer available in the US. Hopefully some of you got to take advantage of the free offer!

Not often you get a free gift online that much good, but this album is great, as long as you are not a stickler for non-secular songs only for the season.? Honestly, there were only a couple of tunes that I didn’t care for, but it’s free and the selections are from popular groups/singers/orchestras/etc., so there’s no reason to really complain…..especially since it is FREE!

Enjoy!? (Click here for more details)




Dec 10

The Harmoneers “This Little Heart Of Mine”

This is a classic!

Dec 10

An Evening With The Perrys

Last Saturday evening (12/5/09), I was privileged to attend a rare, ‘professional’, Southern Gospel concert in my home town of Burnsville, NC.? The concert had been advertised for weeks, so I made sure that The Edwards Family was not booked anywhere on this evening.? The concert was held at Pleasant Valley Baptist Church where my friend, Bro. Davy Shelton, is the pastor.? What should have been a packed house was deterred by a small skiff of snow.? I suppose that everyone was afraid that the roads would be dangerous, which lead to the attendance being very low (probably around 80-100 people).

This was my first time seeing The Perrys in a church setting.? I have seen them at the NQC which is by far NOT a church setting.? This was also my first time hearing the group live with their new baritone, Troy Peach.? I was excited to see the group, but I was more anxious to see how God would work through them.? The Perrys have a reputation of being not only a Top-Tier, professional Southern Gospel quartet, but also being one of the more spiritual professional groups….which I love!? This was my reason for wanting to be with them in a church/worship setting.

My church had taken a bus over to the concert, but due to the weather, only about a dozen came.? Fortunately, they were able to all get seats at the front of the church and my friend, Steve Stamey, saved me a seat on the front row with him, so we were ready to have church.? Bro. Davy introduced The Perrys at 6 PM and the singing began.? Here’s a quick run down of the song-list:

  1. Gentle Shepherd
  2. I Love To Tell
  3. Still Blessed
  4. Prior To A Prayer
  5. I Know It Was The Blood
  6. Did I Mention (That I Love Him)
  7. I Rest My Case
  8. Intros
  9. If You Knew Him
  10. Almost Morning
  11. Trust & Obey (Invitational)
  12. I Wish I Could Have Been There

Troy Peach is one of the best things to happen to The Perrys in recent years.? His stage presence and presentation of the gospel through song is simply delightful.? Joseph Habedank has really matured into a fantastic lead singer, while Libby Perry Stuffle remains among the elite altos in gospel music.? Tracy Stuffle is a highly underrated bass singer, as he is as capable of carrying melodies and hitting the deep notes as most other basses in Southern Gospel.? Bryan Elliot amazed the audience with his piano skills, even though there were some minor technical difficulties with the sound during his piano solo (not listed in the above song list).

God really met with us during the service and I believe I was more blessed by The Perrys in a church setting than any other full-time, professional group I’ve heard.? Not only do they throw out their program when the moment calls for it, they are sensitive to the crowd and adjust accordingly.? The atmosphere in the church was more serene and worship focused, so The Perrys cued in on that and sang songs that simply fit the service.

I learned a couple of years back that if I attend a concert only to report on it, almost always I come away from it feeling empty and disappointed.? When you try to take notes to remember everything, you can’t really focus on the moving of the Holy Spirit….or at least I can’t.? (I only took notes during the intervals in between songs when the service slowed a bit to record the song list or I never would have remembered them :-)!)? I talked with Joseph and Troy briefly before the service to introduce myself and Joseph asked about me being a critic.? I explained right away that when I’m in church, I’m there to have church.? I’m not going to focus on critiquing the groups singing….I’m there to worship; and I did!

I came away from the singing completely energized and blessed….not just entertained.? Events like this keep me falling in love with Southern Gospel Music over and over again.? I had been a little discouraged with gospel music, having not been able to attend a singing/concert unless my family was singing in it.? What a thrill it is to know that there are groups still on the road today that are in love with Jesus, not just $$$ and popularity.


Below are some of the songs that someone else in attendance recorded and posted on YouTube.? Hope you enjoy them.

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