Dec 05

The Mark Trammell Quartet, Supercharged

In this age of instantaneous global communication, I know I’m somewhere around the 200th person to make a post “announcing” the addition of Eric Phillips to the Mark Trammell Quartet.  Bro. Mark did it right, and took his time prayerfully considering who God would want for the quartet at this time.  I’m sure the group and all of us who were praying with him can rejoice in this answer to prayer!  Many longtime fans of this group likely couldn’t help but think of Eric when the tenor opening was announced.  Isn’t it great how God is faithful to give us the desires of our heart if we seek His will?


I spent my morning commute listening to one of my favorite albums of all time, the Mark Trammell Trio’s Always Have a Song, which was the last recorded with Eric Phillips at tenor, and imagining what it would be like with a bass singer.  Already with one of the best bass singers in gospel music, and now with one of the great high tenors of this generation, the sky is the limit for the Mark Trammell Quartet.  Sometime next year, they will record and release what will hopefully be their best project yet.  I know I can’t wait.


Here is the Mark Trammell Trio singing their biggest song on Eric’s last night with the group, over two years ago.