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Quick Hits 2

Journey (Libbi Perry Stuffle) This album is a mixture of new songs (with plenty of great guest vocalists) and re-recordings of Perrys songs featuring Libbi.  I’m not much for solo records, but the various guest vocalists give each new song the sound of a different group, from mixed quartet to bluegrass trio.  I love the …

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Album Review: Grace Says (Kingsmen)

The latest release by the Kingsmen, Grace Says, is the first with the current lineup of vocalists, since the return of Randy Crawford to the quartet.  The sound of the Kingsmen has always been defined by their tenors, and that is still the case today.  Harold Reed has been with the group long enough so …

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Album Review: Songs of the 1900’s (Greater Vision)

Songs of the 1900’s is a special offering from Daywind and the Southern Gospel Music Association, originally intended as part of the celebration of the 100th anniversary of southern gospel music.  It is unusual in that it is not a true Greater Vision project, and as of right now, is not being sold at their …

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