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Album Review: Treasures (Mark Trammell Quartet)

The Mark Trammell Quartet’s latest offering, Treasures, is a table project composed of songs previously recorded by the Cathedral Quartet. It seems Cathedrals tributes have been en vogue lately, but this particular project differentiates itself enough to be a worthwhile addition to any gospel music lover’s collection. The songs selected for the project span multiple …

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Mega Album Review: We Will Stand Our Ground (Kingdom Heirs)

We Will Stand Our Ground is the highly-anticipated debut of tenor Jerry Martin with the Kingdom Heirs. The quartet is known for their high highs and low lows, so it stands to reason that Martin and his big range would be perfectly suited for the job. As usual with the Kingdom Heirs, you get a …

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Album Review: Keeps On Rolling Along (The New Gospel Singing Caravan)

Spurred on by a hit debut at the 2010 National Quartet Convention, the New Gospel Singing Caravan is a joint venture of the Chuck Wagon Gang, the Blackwood Brothers, and the LeFevre Quartet.  This interesting conglomeration of gospel styles and formats is touring together on select dates, and Keeps On Rolling Along is their debut …

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