Album Review: All Who Call (Jordan’s Bridge)

JordansBridgeThough a relatively new group, Jordan’s Bridge is not lacking in gospel music experience.  Both tenor Phil Barker and pianist Joe Lane are alumni of the Singing Americans.  Barker also sang with the Harvesters, while Lane had stints on the piano bench with the Anchormen and the Dove Brothers.  While baritone Rick Sheets and lead Kirk Henry may not be familiar names to fans nationally, they too have been around the genre for many years.  Their debut recording for Pathway Records, All Who Call, is composed mostly of familiar classics, with a few newer songs mixed in.

The project’s highlight is, not coincidentally, I’m sure, also the first single released to radio.  “All Who Call” is a fun Rodney Griffin composition lifted from Romans 10:13.  Mark Trammell Trio fans will remember this song from one of their early recordings, and it’s good to hear it brought back, and sent to radio.  Henry has the feature in the verses, while Barker carries the melody in the chorus.  Barker is all too often forgotten when discussing great tenors in gospel music history, and he is the strongest vocalist in this trio.  He sings the melody on several songs throughout the album, and turns in a strong feature reprised from his Singing American days, in “The Writer”.

The two other songs that would probably be least familiar to most gospel music fans are also two of my top picks from this CD.  “Great Day” (not the more familiar old quartet song) is another pull from the Singing Americans discography, while “He’s My Comfort” is a simply fun song written by Lari Goss.

The rest of the CD contains songs that have been recorded many times, which is fine for a group trying to establish a presence in the gospel music field.  All Who Call serves as an effective introduction for gospel music fans to Jordan’s Bridge, as well as a re-introduction to great talent not heard from in a while.

Song List:

  1. I’ll Be Ready to Go With Him (David Reece)
  2. All Who Call (Rodney Griffin)
  3. How Beautiful Heaven Must Be (A.S. Bridgewater/A.P. Bland)
  4. Just Over in the Gloryland (James W. Acuff)
  5. He’s My Comfort (Lari Goss)
  6. Far Above the Starry Sky (David Reece)
  7. Sweet Beulah Land (Squire Parsons)
  8. He’ll Hold My Hand (Henry Donohue)
  9. Great Day (David Harvell)
  10. The Writer (James Rogers)

Available: Jordan’s Bridge

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