Album Of The Week – Week 9

New Ground

My recommendation this week for your collection is from a lesser known group.? The Crossmen hail from Morgantown, KY and have been singing since 1993.? This project, New Ground (1995) was the first major recording from the group released? on the SonLite Records label and it is still my favorite release from the group.? A couple of the songs charted on the Singing News Top 80; “Sweet Heaven Awaits” and “Rise Above It All”.?

Here is the complete track list from the project:

  1. I’m On My Way
  2. Rise Above It All
  3. Time After Time
  4. Man Of The Cross
  5. Open The Doors
  6. A View From Here
  7. Sweet Heaven Awaits
  8. That’s The Way He Is
  9. Moving Out Of Here
  10. Hide Me In Your Shadows

My favorite songs from the project are “Sweet Heaven Awaits”, “Moving Out Of Here” and “A View From Here”.? This project was surprisingly good when I first purchased it and it continues to be one of my favorites.

You may have to scour the internet for this project, but if you don’t mind a cassette, it is available here.? This project was also released on CD, but is a little harder to find.