Primitive Quartet :: Thank You For The Roses

Thank You For The Roses

My Rating = 3.5 / 5

The new release by the Primitive Quartet for 2007 is entitled Thank You For The Roses. Keeping with traditional PQ style, the musicianship is top-notch. I know that some of my readers aren’t as fond of Bluegrass gospel as I am, but the Primitive Quartet is one of the few Bluegrass gospel groups that get played on Southern Gospel radio stations.

This new project is a good project. It’s not my personal favorite of their releases but there are some good song choices. “There’s A Man In Here” and “Peter, Do You Love Me” are from previous projects, but have new vocals and new instrumentations (although the latter song is A Cappella).

The song “Cane River Revival”, penned by Reagan Riddle, is quite personal to me. Some of you may recall my posting on the Singing News forums about the 6-week revival that took place in my county last year. It was dubbed the Cane River Revival due to the fact that the meetings took place outdoors under a giant tent beside the Cane River in Burnsville, NC.

I was fortunate enough to be the bass guitar player for the meetings and was there every night. I’ve never seen such a moving of the Holy Spirit and our county did have revival. There were thousands gathered each evening to hear Dr. Ralph Sexton, Jr. bring a revival message. We also had the Primitive Quartet on stage with us one evening and over 4,000 people that attended that service under the big tent; thus the inspiration for the song, “Cane River Revival”.

My personal favorite song from the album is “This One Thing I Know” with Randy Fox taking the lead vocals. Other favs of mine from this album are “There’s A Man In Here”, “Cane River Revival”, and “There Is Joy In Heaven For Me”.

Track list for the project:

  1. Cane River Revival
  2. That Soldier Was Me
  3. There’s A Man In Here
  4. He Is Mine And I Am His
  5. The Light Of That City
  6. This One Thing I Know
  7. Peter Do You Love Me
  8. Thank You For The Roses
  9. God’s Sweet Heaven
  10. There Is Joy In Heaven For Me

You may have noticed the image below the CD artwork.? This is my new rating system for album reviews.? Ratings go from 1 – 5 with 5 being AWESOME.

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